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Salmon catch and release registration

You can report your catches and releases via this form. You have 48 hours after leaving your fishing spot to declare your catches. The information you enter must be true.

Anyone catching and keeping a salmon must immediately detach the valid tag that was issued to him with the license and, respecting the order in which the tags are attached to the license, attach it to the fish. The tag to be affixed to the salmon caught must come from the fisherman who hooked the fish, even if another person is handling the fishing rod while retrieving the fish.

It is prohibited for anyone to have in their possession a salmon caught by sport fishing that is not affixed to a tag. It is prohibited to remove the label except when preparing the salmon for consumption.

Failure to report a catch of salmon is a wildlife offense.

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To declare a capture or a release: 

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*The length of a salmon is measured from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail
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