Draws and reservations

 There are two reservation methods for the limited access sectors:

  • Tirage pré-saison : November 1
  • Daily draw: 48 hours in advance


Registering for a draw Draw results
48 HOURS DRAW View the results - 48h draw
NOVEMBER 1 DRAW View the resultas - 1 november 2023 draw

Registration Form   by email or fax



Please take note for sectors B3 and B4

   B3 :  Available Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday from June 11 to September 30

   B4 :  Available Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Friday from June 11 to September 30

Terms of the pre-season draw (November 1)

  • Ten (10) cards per angler (maximum)
  • The cards, at a cost of $7 each, must be received at the ZEC office no later than October 31 at noon
  • According to the reservation dates, possibility of obtaining 2 days/2 rods or 4 days/2 rods (maximum) with a maximum of 2 days per sector.
  • Reservation is non-transferable
  • An individual may not appear more than once on the list of winners
  • The 450 winners will receive an e-mail or letter to confirm their rank and the date we will call them.

We will communicate by telephone with the winners to know the choice of their fishing days, between 9 am and 4 pm on the days indicated in the following table:

Winners 1 to 75 November 13, 2023
Winners 76 to 150 November 14, 2023
Winners 151 to 225 November 15, 2023
Winners 226 to 300  November 16, 2023
Winners 301 to 375  November 17, 2023
Winners 376 to 450 November 20, 2023

Please note : If you plan to be away, arrange for someone else to choose your fishing dates or we will move on to the next winner while waiting for your call back.

Important dates to remember:

October 31, 2023                     
Deadline to enter the draw on October 31, 12 noon (attention to the postal deadline).

November 1, 2023                     
Pre-season draw of 450 winners.

November 2 to 6, 2023               
Confirmation by e-mail or in writing of each participant's result.

November 13 to 20, 2023        
Phone calls to each of the winners for the choice of fishing days.

December 15, 2023                  
Deadline for payment of 30% of the cost of reservations following the pre-season draw of November 1, 2023 (non-refundable).

January 16 and 17, 2024                
Reservations by phone for the rods still available after the pre-season draw. January 16  reserved for non-winner participants in the draw of November 1. January 17, open to everyone.

April 1, 2024                               
Deadline for the payment of 70% of the cost of reservations following the pre-season draw of November 1, 2023 and the phone call of January 16 and 17, 2024.


Terms of the daily draw (48 hours in advance)

  • One (1) card per draw per person
  • The cards, at a cost of $3.00 each, must be received at the ZEC office no later than 6 pm the day before the draw
  • The draw will take place at 10 am at the ZEC office
  • The list of winners can be found at 1-418-534-1818 or 1-888-979-1818
  • It is the responsibility of the participants to know the list of winners
  • Winners will have until 9 am the day after the draw to confirm and pay for their reservations
  • Maximum of 1 day/2 rods per winner
  • Reservation is non-transferable